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Remember my highlighting obsession from a few posts back? Well I think, I’m kindaaa, sortaaa, getting the hang of it. Here is what I used to get this end result: 1.Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer by MakeupForever ****On T-Zone. Tap it in, don’t rub 2.Mixed together: Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation from Chanel (Shade 40 Beige) […]


You know which emoji is my favorite? The moon man. But my second favorite, is the lady in the red dress! I use her as my “yay”, my “ok cool”, my “I don’t care”, and pretty much every other reason imaginable. I love her so much, that she inspired me to find a dress reminiscent […]


How can you not love the color white? I could never have enough white tees, white shirts, white jeans, or white dresses. The same thing applies to black too, but there’s something so refreshing about white. Especially, and without-a-doubt, in the summer…it’s the no-brainer pick for 5 out of 7 days of the week. For […]


There’s always a new shoe to fall in love with, and right now I’m really loving the Juliana by Schutz. A perfectly designed caged heel, that looks flattering on any foot. It’s available in several colors, and a snake print – which I’m obsessing over. Schutz in general, makes really cute shoes which remind me […]


The stomach has been getting a lot of attention with all these crop tops around, and shoulders are starting to feel a little left out. They need some love too, and I love giving them some. I’m a huge fan of shoulder baring tops because I don’t have much cleavage, nor do I have much […]


So many illuminators, so little time to try them all. At once. I was getting ready to head to a bris, when I decided to opt for a dewy/glowy look to match my flower-print dress instead of my usual au-natural makeup routine. I had so many illuminators to try out, that I just decided to […]


I am ALL about scents. For the home, for my body, on men, in nature…it’s very important to most because nothing is more evocative of time and place than scent is. It is my most favorite sense, even though we take it for granted all the time. Imagine you couldn’t smell the garlic/lemon aroma of […]


There’s always that one item that just goes viral instantly. Be it a bag, a pair of shoes, or sunglasses, it seems to catch fire overnight, and before you know it, you’re just seeing this one piece all over town, or in this case, all over the web. Right now,  the hottest items of them […]


So I’ve been seeing this Kevin Murphy brand around the interwebs, and was intrigued. Partially, because I haven’t really seen many stores carry this line, and also because the packaging looked great. You can count on me for being a sucker for great branding and packaging! Not long after my curiosity began, I was asked […]


The sun’s out a little longer. We’ve started peeling off a layer or two. We’re seeing better selections of flowers at shops. I think it’s safe to say, Spring has sprung. And what is synonymous with Spring (aside from flowers)? Trenches, that’s what. Luckily, the stylish evolution of this iconic piece has allowed it to […]