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How can you not love the color white? I could never have enough white tees, white shirts, white jeans, or white dresses. The same thing applies to black too, but there’s something so refreshing about white. Especially, and without-a-doubt, in the summer…it’s the no-brainer pick for 5 out of 7 days of the week. For […]


The stomach has been getting a lot of attention with all these crop tops around, and shoulders are starting to feel a little left out. They need some love too, and I love giving them some. I’m a huge fan of shoulder baring tops because I don’t have much cleavage, nor do I have much […]


“I love your skirt!” said a random woman, to which I replied: “Thanks, it’s actually shorts”. Flare shorts are quite deceiving, let me tell ya! But I’m loving the fact that I never have to worry about it blowing upwards, and flashing my privates…because you know that always happens…at least to me, it does. Ever […]


At one point it was all about mixing and matching, rather than matchy-matchy matching (try saying that fast, 3 times in a row), but as we all know, fashion is cyclical, and things leave to only come back again. It’s like wearing a onesie except the beauty of it, is being able to make multiple […]


Denim cutoffs aren’t just a hot trend, this is a summer staple that’s never going out of style, only morphing with the times. From distressed, to high-waisted, to boyfriend cuts, the options are endless. I live in them during this hot season because they literally go with everything, and you can always dress them up (with […]

Orange is the new black (not really, black will always be #1 in my heart), but it was my favorite color this summer and on a non-related note, so was that show – have you seen it??!!  Gauze top from Aqua (similar)Shorts from ZaraSandals from Zara (similar)Purse by Dolce & Gabbana Holiday Nail Polish by […]

The most impractical outfit to wear to see the Acropolis. Greece is quite possibly the windiest country I’ve ever visited and only windier atop the mountains, therefore, I must’ve flashed half of the sightseers with more than what they had bargained for. Spending 95% of my trip having to hold on to my hats while […]