The stomach has been getting a lot of attention with all these crop tops around, and shoulders are starting to feel a little left out. They need some love too, and I love giving them some. I’m a huge fan of shoulder baring tops because I don’t have much cleavage, nor do I have much […]


Even though it’s currently at the peak of its sartorial powers, I don’t consider stripes a trend because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve sported them…especially a Breton (nautical) striped top. It’s a classic go-to that is hanging in my closet (I’m sure yours too), almost as prevalent as denim. Let’s take a […]


At one point it was all about mixing and matching, rather than matchy-matchy matching (try saying that fast, 3 times in a row), but as we all know, fashion is cyclical, and things leave to only come back again. It’s like wearing a onesie except the beauty of it, is being able to make multiple […]