So I’ve been seeing this Kevin Murphy brand around the interwebs, and was intrigued. Partially, because I haven’t really seen many stores carry this line, and also because the packaging looked great. You can count on me for being a sucker for great branding and packaging! Not long after my curiosity began, I was asked […]


Summer is upon us, which means more body parts are out on display catching some rays, while airing out after being tucked away during the long winter season. For most of us, that means our pasty limbs are shining brightly in the daylight, desperately asking for some color. Running to the beach or to a […]


I’m not the most “in the know” person when it comes to makeup products, but I did hear a lot of hoopla over Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes. I had to get my hands on one of these STAT! Apparently there’s a total of 4 of them (Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, and Naked Basics), and […]


  I’m a certified nudist when it comes to my lip shades. Either it’s bare lips or a nude shade of some sort, but getting the right shade isn’t as easy as one would think. Go too light and you look like you’re wearing concealer, go too dark and it’s no longer a nude, but […]


I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon at Nespresso Cafe in Beverly Hills the other day, for the launch of Dr. Lin’s acne skincare line. Dr. Michael Lin, a dermatologist for many years, originally developed the line for his patients who wanted an easy alternative to the 3-step systems out there.  And as an […]


  Ahhhh, the topic of skin – my favorite. I try to be as consistent as I can with my skincare routine, which includes a face mask of some sort once a week. I’ve tried a gazillion of these masks, and try to test out new ones every so often, but there’s always a favorite […]


Chanel is my go-to makeup brand, mainly in part because their shades are pretty natural aka wearable, and their packaging is sleek (a nice bonus). After perusing through the makeup counters, and testing every product on my hand, I was set on these two goodies: a bronzer from the much talked about, “Le Beiges” series, […]


  It’s pre-party season, and you want to do a little pre-emptive detoxing, but you have a mile-long list of questions or concerns (don’t worry, so did I). A few weeks ago, I did some detoxing myself, with a 3-day cleanse, right before Thanksgiving. I don’t know if the push came from my constant binging on […]


  Getting ready doesn’t have to be an hour long process, at least for me, it isn’t. I don’t use an abundance of tools/brushes, and this is the maximum amount of products I’ll use for an “evening look”. I use my hands to apply foundation, because it looks less cakey, it’s faster, AND it’s a […]

As I get older, my makeup routine becomes simpler, quicker, and much more au naturale. I prefer a fresh face or barely-there neutral colors versus a “mask” as I call it. I find that girls who hardly wear makeup not only look younger (at the moment and down the line), but look more beautiful. Stop […]