Tommy Ton never misses a good outfit to capture, and as always, the streets of Fashion Week never have a shortage of great get-ups. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite looks from this month.


  Ralph Lauren was as sophisticated as ever with his Fall 2014 collection, with luxe look after look, sashaying down the catwalk. The fur coats, the chic suits, the slinky evening dresses, what a glamorous dream I could get lost in! With many designers, focusing on the  “street-cool” theme, it’s a breath of fresh air […]

Backtracking to last week and NYFW. I kept it real in New York City as a caped-crusader one of the days. Some of you are probably wondering why I felt the need to wear a cape on a hot summer day, to which I reply: “I make impulsive decisions that always seem great at the […]

School’s in session! Back-to-school season has arrived, and I can’t help but feel a tad bit jealous that I’m no longer a student, partaking in the annual “back-to-school shopping” extravaganza. Just because I’m not a student anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t rock a pleated skirt or some socks with my heels from time to time, […]