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The holiday season calls for some sparkle, and not just in the beauty department. One area that gets overlooked, are pants! We see sequined-dresses everywhere we look, especially come New Years Eve shopping, but no one really thinks about jazzing up their legs. There’s nothing I love more than walking into a room and having […]


My favorite holiday movie is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and as a little girl I always appreciated how Peter McCallister (the dad) dressed. It might sound odd, but his camel coat always stood out in my mind, and I have been fixated on camel coats ever since (both for men and women). […]

Usually I’m a firm believer in splurging on accessories because they’re statement pieces that usually last for long periods of time. As Constance Dunn once said, “one’s personal accoutrements (bag, watch, and shoes) – approximate one’s taste and wealth. Sometimes, you just have to break the rules, and this tote right here, is worth breaking […]


Lust of the week: A Mink Prada bag that’s pink, fuzzy, and totally unnecessary. Once in a while I go through these impractical lusts but my bank account quickly reminds to calm the hell down…