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I’ve stopped working out, I’ve stopped eating healthy, and my appetite has been as that of a caveman’s. You know what that means? The new year is the perfect time to fix this problem-o. I know, I know… every single time a new year begins, everyone decides they want to jump on the fitness bandwagon, […]


  It’s pre-party season, and you want to do a little pre-emptive detoxing, but you have a mile-long list of questions or concerns (don’t worry, so did I). A few weeks ago, I did some detoxing myself, with a 3-day cleanse, right before Thanksgiving. I don’t know if the push came from my constant binging on […]

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and this is one of my constants: Avocado toast with a side of scrambled egg whites and pico de gallo atop. Avocado Toast à la Cafe Gitane: Scoop out half of an avocado onto a slice of toasted wholegrain bread and spread. Squeeze the juice out of […]

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies! As I’m eating breakfast this morning, it dawned on me how much I’ve started to actually enjoy Almond Milk. It took me for what seemed like a century to find one that my taste buds didn’t instantly dismiss because of its drastic taste in comparison to whole milk. […]

Top of the morning to ya! Brewed some of my favorite tea this morning, Mariage Frères Vert Provence. It’s a green tea with blends of fruit and florals from the south of France. Popping open the lid fills my nostrils with the sweetest of smells, and the prettiest of sights…”mmmm, ahhhhh” Ok, but really, this tea […]