The best part about a wedding, is the attire, am I right? Between the crazy drama with planning the details of the wedding, at least you get some moments of fun, and I’m not talking about food tasting. I’m talking about the dress shopping. There’s an outfit needed for the welcome dinner, the actual dinner, […]


  Los Angeles is going through a drought, and not just in its water supply, but of ugly dresses on the red carpet.  For once, there was slim pickens of what-were-you-thinking ensembles, except for Liza Minnelli’s – what was that?! Anywho, the amount of stunning looks makes for a heavy wandering eye – I can’t […]

Have you ever had a sudden urge to wear a garden? Need not worry, because Giambattista Valli makes that possible with his Fall 2013 Couture show. Floral appliqué’s, dainty silhouettes, bouncy ruffles, gathered silk reminiscent of spun sugar, and vine-like embroideries, made for an ode to pristine beauty.