You know which emoji is my favorite? The moon man. But my second favorite, is the lady in the red dress! I use her as my “yay”, my “ok cool”, my “I don’t care”, and pretty much every other reason imaginable. I love her so much, that she inspired me to find a dress reminiscent […]

The most impractical outfit to wear to see the Acropolis. Greece is quite possibly the windiest country I’ve ever visited and only windier atop the mountains, therefore, I must’ve flashed half of the sightseers with more than what they had bargained for. Spending 95% of my trip having to hold on to my hats while […]

David Koma Fall/Winter 2013. I’m loving all the futuristic shaped pieces that are so elaborately constructed. You’d think by the description it would be unwearable, but somehow Mr Koma pulled it off, and very well I might add.

Gothic velvet, detached hems, and appliqued flowers pretty much sums up Christopher Kane’s fall 2013 collection.