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Ok, so I know a kitten heel probably won’t be topping your “sexy list” anytime soon, and probably most people’s lists for that matter. But I am here to defend the kitten heel! Not only are they super comfortable, but they are equal parts chic and elegant. Open up an issue of Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar, […]


  I’m a certified nudist when it comes to my lip shades. Either it’s bare lips or a nude shade of some sort, but getting the right shade isn’t as easy as one would think. Go too light and you look like you’re wearing concealer, go too dark and it’s no longer a nude, but […]


In case you weren’t aware, it’s couture week, which means we can all indulge in a little fashion fantasy. This morning in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld debuted his Spring 2014 Couture collection, a collection that was part normal, part out-of-this-world, but whole fancy. Embellishments of the jewel and sequin-kind were all over the runway – from […]


Chanel is my go-to makeup brand, mainly in part because their shades are pretty natural aka wearable, and their packaging is sleek (a nice bonus). After perusing through the makeup counters, and testing every product on my hand, I was set on these two goodies: a bronzer from the much talked about, “Le Beiges” series, […]

It’s all in the details! My eyes can’t help but zoom into the nooks and crannies of each show. Here’s a closer look at Chanel’s artsy SS14 collection.  Between the colorful makeup, paint-swatched prints, necklaces moonlighting as headphones, and 75 pieces of artwork created just for the show, this was one hell of an arty […]

You know what goes with everything? Black. You know what else goes with everything? Nude. Call me unadventurous if you will, but I always gravitate towards neutral shades, like right now; in a nude mood for sure. Chanel Polish in Rose CacheH&M Sweater Pants (similar)Clutch (similar)Prada Flats (similar)

Ring a ding ding! Who needs nail art when you have these babies??! I was never a fan of nail art to begin with – the closest i’ve come to it is glitter, and even that’s a stretch. Chanel sure knows how to jazz up those fingers whilst keeping things tacky-free, AMEN!  On a side […]

In case anyone was wondering what the Pre-Fall 2013 Collection for Chanel looked like, here it is.

I’m going through a color phase in the beauty world, and the name of that color??? I don’t know!!! Like my recent lipstick post, this polish shade, Elixir by Chanel, is pretty similar – cross between pink and coral; muted watermelon? It’s fun and bright without being vulgar and in-yo-face! Anyone know the correct name […]

As I get older, my makeup routine becomes simpler, quicker, and much more au naturale. I prefer a fresh face or barely-there neutral colors versus a “mask” as I call it. I find that girls who hardly wear makeup not only look younger (at the moment and down the line), but look more beautiful. Stop […]