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The holiday season calls for some sparkle, and not just in the beauty department. One area that gets overlooked, are pants! We see sequined-dresses everywhere we look, especially come New Years Eve shopping, but no one really thinks about jazzing up their legs. There’s nothing I love more than walking into a room and having my legs do all the talking without even baring some skin.

The other night I got a chance to stop by the opening of Zadig et Voltaire’s store on Rodeo, and wore the most fabulous click to read more courtesy of them. They were surprisingly really comfortable – I was sure they were going to scratch up my legs as if I live in a household with 10 cats, but they were lined with a very soft jersey material.

Anyway, I now have a new found love for sequined pants, and will make it a point to wear some more often.

Skinny sequin trousers by topic for process essayBlazer (http://www.cambodianbusiness.com/)
White v-neck tee from Topshop
Le Dix Bag by Balenciaga
Pumps from Manolo Blahnik