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The maillot (a one piece swimsuit) is the epitome of style and class – well for the most part. If we take a look historically, some of the most iconic women have worn a one-piece and have always managed to look equal parts chic and sexy (Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Bo Derek, etc). It elongates the body in a way that a bikini simply can’t do, and with the majority of females sporting two pieces, you’ll be sure to stand out, and in a good way. Some upsides? Your top will stay in tact in case there should be large waves. You can slip a bottom over it and have it work as an outfit. The best part? You don’t have to worry about having a toned stomach. Are these not the best perks? If you’re afraid of looking matronly, there are plenty of styles that still push the envelope to sexify your swim attire, I’ve picked my favorite maillots with every body shape in mind below.

Tip: don’t attempt to tan when wearing one.