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An escape from our daily lives is crucial for sanity, and if you can turn your getaway into a mini one, then you can squeeze them in more frequently. That, I’m all for. For Californians, Palm Springs is always a great choice for a quick trip (along with Newport/Laguna Beach, Vegas, Santa Barbara, etc), and it’s exactly up my alley – pure leisure. Activities include but are not limited to: laying out, hitting the spa, and eating. All of which are my favorite things, and if you couldn’t already tell how wild and crazy I like to get, this should surely do it.

I’ve stayed at the Viceroy and Colony Palms before, and I wholeheartedly recommend both of them as they are small, quaint and fabulous all around. This time though, I stayed at The Parker which is a favorite! A beautifully designed estate by none other than, Jonathan Adler, who welcomes us into a playful world, where ’70s swagger meets ’40s Hollywood glam. The resort was formerly Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch and Merv Griffin’s Givenchy Resort and Spa and became the Parker Palm Springs in October of 2004. Now, the property has a desert maze-like garden, two pools, fire pits, a lemonade stand, hammocks, and an expansive nautical-themed spa. Lets not forget about dining options. There are two dining options on the grounds, Norma’s and Mister Parker’s. Norma’s, is a casual spot with an outdoor patio, and has great breakfast, but also serves lunch and dinner. Mister Parker’s on the other hand, is an upscale dinner restaurant which is a carnivore-lovers heaven. Oh, and that lemonade stand I mentioned earlier, happens to serve some pretty awesome adult takes on lemonades, making your lounge by the pool even more pleasurable.

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