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I’m sure you’ve all seen a ton of press for this new line of haircare products by celebrity hairstylist (Jen Atkin) called OUAI (pronounced “way”). Between the name, the packaging, and the owner’s fame, one would imagine that this line is bomb-dot-com. At least I sure did; I was sold without even trying a single item. If you’re unfamiliar with Atkin, she is the woman behind some of the best hair in Hollywood — think Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, and many more.

So, I purchased most of the line, and I used it all for a little over a month, to make sure I could give an accurate review. The items I purchased are the Volume shampoo, Smooth conditioner, Treatment masque, Hair oil, Mousse, and Dry shampoo. All of the products smell HEAVENLY…and I’m a huge fan of scents, but I can imagine that those whom are sensitive to strong scents, may not enjoy it. Aside from smelling great, there is really nothing else great about these products, WOMP, WOMP! I am super disappointed, because Atkin has an impeccable track record, and to be honest, I’m actually pretty shocked at how poorly the products make my hair feel.

My mousse is super watery with each pump (and don’t worry, I shake the container prior). It also doesn’t give me the amount of body that other mousse’s do.

The treatment masque, is a joke. There’s not enough product in the packets, and it makes ZERO difference in my hair after using it. It should just be called a conditioner. I actually know conditioners thicker than that stuff. There’s a mask I love with mulberries that leaves my hair silky smooth, and gives me the perfect blowout. (http://stevenleeconsulting.com/)

The shampoo and conditioners are blah. Nothing great, nothing horrible.

The hair oil also does NOTHING to my ends. It’s as if I skipped oil in the process. I much rather prefer Moroccanoil for my ends. I even tried using the oil when my hair is wet before I blow-dry, AND after I was done with my blowout. NO difference. My ends literally look like hay.

The Dry shampoo isn’t bad…it’s not any better than any other dry shampoo I’ve used, but it’s not worse, so I would probably only repurchase this item.

Again, purely based off of scent, her products are great, but we all want actual improvement in our hairdo’s, not just how our hair smells. We can just spray perfume on it, if that’s the case. So since this line does nothing for my hair, I would not recommend it to anyone, nor would I re-buy it. I seriously feel cheated. And funny enough, my other friends had the same exact views on the products as well, so I know I’m not crazy.

Verdict? Save your money.



  • Jenny

    Glad to hear this before I went out and bought it!! Thanks for your review 🙂

  • Alison

    Love your blog and your honesty! xx

  • Nicole

    Did you try the wave spray? Wondering how well that works

  • Steph

    What hair products did you use after bleaching your hair? I need some serious TLC!!!

    • wearseesnap

      Honestly, the ONLY thing that works for bleached and damaged hair is Olaplaex 3 mask. Also, if you’re going to bleach again, you should use the whole system. Give it to your colorist before they work on your hair, and your hair will look super healthy!!

  • Hey! Thanks for the review, I was about to spend my dollars over there, just removed a bunch of stuff of the cart. I was totally buying for the frenzy around the brand… bad mistake. I think I will stay with the waves one though. Thank you!