I’m ready for some layers, I’m ready for fall. But who cares about what I want? Mother nature sure doesn’t. It’s still hot as balls here, and by the end of the week, only getting hotter. Chunky knits, over-the-knee boots, and coats seem like a distant memory at this point, but a girl can still dream. You always want what you can’t have (I know everyone who’s residing in a cooler area is hating right about now), but enough is enough! I’m tired of sweating – I’ve gone through like 5 different deodorants in a month!

Anyway, I’m done venting about the heat. Let’s talk about crisp shirts for everyday wear. I love a button-down that doesn’t wrinkle easily! Usually J.Crew has a great selection for such, but I found this one at Barney’s and I’ve been wearing it ever since. Literally have worn it every other day and haven’t even washed it. Don’t judge. I tuck it in, I tie it in a knot. I wear it with skirts, I wear it with jeans…it’s the best. In case you want to purchase this shirt, I recommend getting a larger size because it looks better with a loose-fit. Once you roll up the sleeves or tie the bottom, you’ll wish you got a larger size.


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Shirt by C
Jeans from
Bag by more
Sneakers from Converse
Sunglasses from H&M (similar)