I know it’s been a while since I got engaged, but I have been getting a lot of questions about the actual proposal, the ring, and just more details in general, so I figured, why not share?

A little background about my fiancé and I…we met online — on Tinder to be exact. Everyone is always so shocked, because they have this idea that Tinder is just a “hook-up” site, but honestly I never really had that issue with my dates off of there. I think you just have to be a good “picker/swiper”. Even though we’ve learned we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this doesn’t apply to online dating. You have to judge…on the types of photos they post, and how they’re talking to you in your private message chat. If they’re writing things like “you’re hot” or “I want to c u”…then they’re obviously not looking for something serious, and not mature enough to spell out a word properly. If they have shirtless photos on their profile? Also a hell no. I would even question selfies and mirror shots. Look for group photos, or photos with them and family members, or someone taking a photo of them at a coffee shop/monument/beach…you get the point. No club photos with drinks in hand either…

Ok, I got off topic there, but I just wanted to throw in a little suggestion to anyone who’s currently online dating. So yes, we met online, and we spoke very briefly before our first date, but he didn’t sound like a serial killer, so that’s a plus. He chose a sushi restaurant for our date (which is my FAVORITE…he already knew the way to my heart). Our first date was very nice…good convo and great food…no first kiss (which I’m ALL about), and then he dropped me off back home. Another plus? He made sure to wait till I got inside before driving off…it’s all about the little things. I definitely didn’t feel like I had the most amazing date ever, or some insane connection, but I also didn’t feel that it was a bad date by ANY means. I was absolutely interested in going on a second date, which is rare for me. He texted me that he had a good time, and goodnight, and then a day or so after, he texted me about setting up a second date. It was well-played on his end since he didn’t wait too long to contact me, yet he didn’t line up a second date the night of the first, so it left you wondering if he ever would. After our second date, things started moving pretty fast because we would see each other every 2 days or so. He was very sweet, romantic, and well-mannered. I loved that! He would send amazing flower arrangements, thoughtful texts, and of course phone calls just because. I was on cloud 9 and I was scared to ever boast about him to anyone (other than my mom) out of fear that it would be jinxed.

We felt like we had known each other for years. Everything flowed very easily, and problem-free…a very “too-good-to-be-true” emotional state, but in a peaceful way, if that makes any sense. It’s an indescribable feeling that people always talked about, but I had never personally experienced. We are  literally like the same human being just in different gender bodies, so we GET each other. We became bff’s practically overnight. Another big part of it, was that we are both Russian. A quick side note, I had never really dated any Russian guys. Even though I am, for whatever reason, I just wasn’t very interested in my own kind. Sometimes, you just gotta try everything just to come right back around to your roots. When I found out that he was, I wasn’t sure if I would like that, but I was open-minded about it, and now I am ecstatic that we share the same culture. I feel way more bonded to him because of that. It also doesn’t hurt that our parents can communicate!!

We both knew that we were each others’ person early on, so conversations about weddings, kids, and engagement rings, were the norm. Therefore, I can’t say that I was shocked when he proposed. Actually, something REALLY gave it away…we got into a little tiff over the ring shape. I had mentioned that I love oval and long cushion-cut-non-halo rings (I was very specific with the no halo part). And one day, I saw a really pretty long cushion-cut ring that I showed him, which wasn’t a good idea. He got very upset and was like “I thought you said you like oval????!!”. That moment for sure made me think he must have a ring already.

Just under a year of us dating, we planned a summer vacation and we chose to go to New York and Anguilla. A day before our trip, Dave tells me to pack extra underwear, because we have to stay a little longer in New York than anticipated (flight issues). I was slightly annoyed, because it was summer and it’s beyond humid in NY, so I wasn’t looking to spend more time there. The next day, which was the day of our trip, I was pretty much all packed and ready to go, and we went to grab some sushi for lunch right before our flight. Dave ordered a large bottle of sake, so we were getting very buzzed before our flight, but later, it made sense why. We got back home to gather our things and order an uber for the airport, and then I hear him yell my name from the bedroom to come over there. His tone sounded angry/concerned so I thought something had happened. I come into the room, and he’s down on one knee but it doesn’t register in my head. He looked hunched over as if something was wrong. Also, I wasn’t expecting to be proposed to in our bedroom randomly, so that’s why I thought something may have happened. I kept saying ” what’s wrong, are you ok?”, and he finally looks up and says ” I wanted to start our trip off on the right knee, will you marry me?” I of course start crying and I run to hug him. I was so caught off guard, and full of emotion, that I didn’t even look at the ring! He’s says “so does that mean it’s a yes???”

We head to the airport, and as we’re pulling up to the terminal, he turns around and says, “I have another surprise for you…we’re not going to NYC/Anguilla, we’re going to Italy and Greece!” I then start crying all over again! I pretty much cried the entire duration of our flight. Everyone was sleeping around us, and I kept tearing up and looking at my finger. Even though I knew the proposal was coming, you still never know when that exact moment will be, and it felt so surreal. It sounds cliché, but I’m over the moon, and feel hashtag blessed, to say that I’ve found my best friend and partner in life. I can’t wait to start our little journey together as “we”!http://www.petefoytho.com/help-to-write-an-essay/ http://sport-contact.ch/ risk management college essay 4942_16

*Photography by Donny Zavala

  • JJ

    I’ve been following your Instagram for a very long time, I’m so happy that you’ve found yourself someone so wonderful! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos (if you’d like to share, totally understand if you don’t). Stay happy!

    Sending love and blessings from Malaysia.

    • wearseesnap

      Thank you so much! You’re so sweet!

  • Oksana S.

    One beautiful story! Got engaged myself a few months ago and still can’t find time to write about it, and like you said was expecting it yet got so emotional!
    Glad you shared your story, following you on IG for a while now and always admired the fact you’re keeping you personal life so private!
    oh and p.s admiring your looks and style of course! I’m russian too btw 🙂

    • wearseesnap

      Thank you so much! Congratulations to you too!! <3 <3

  • Claudia

    Congratulations beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Lina

    Such a great story…congratulations!!! And loveeee your photos!! They’re not cheesy like most of engagement shoots.

  • Julia