Ok, so I know a kitten heel probably won’t be topping your “sexy list” anytime soon, and probably most people’s lists for that matter. But I am here to defend the kitten heel! Not only are they super comfortable, but they are equal parts chic and elegant. Open up an issue of Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar, and you’ll see, I’m not delusional! I swear, they’re making a serious comeback, and Chanel’s slingback version is my all-time-favorite. I had been on the hunt for them for what seemed like a lifetime. A friend of mine works at a Chanel store, and I walked in to chit chat with her. When I saw the slingbacks on a mannequin, I asked her if they had them in my size. She looked, and apparently they had none in stock, as well as the rest of the stores in the area. I had another friend check the stores in New York, and it was the same story. I was pretty confused considering the fact that I have yet to see someone on the street wearing them! On Instagram, there was a fuckton of girls sporting them, but not out in the real world. Was Chanel only supplying stores with 5 pairs each?? I’m sure you can understand my confusion. Anyway, fast forward a few months later, and my friend found them while she was on vacation, and I AM IN HEAVEN! FINALLY!

Although I love this pair, and a few other kitten heel varieties, I can agree that NOT ALL of these baby heels look great. Most of them do fall into the category of “granny shoes”. And, I wouldn’t recommend them for every outfit either, there’s a science to it. They look great with cropped pants…preferably denim – it modernizes their overall feel, and steers you away from labeling them as your grandmothers shoe.

Here are some looks for inspiration:

relationship to language Chanel-Slingbacks_1060x644 tumblr_nh4xpd3OHm1r6o5yjo1_400 chanel-mid-heeled-sling-back-shoes-6

french heels tumblr_nemnzfogwa1qgngcgo1_500


  • Love the shoes! However, I m not a kitten heel girl as I m short the higher the heel the better for me