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My favorite thing to do is travel, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been many places, but Vancouver wasn’t one of them. It’s been on my list of cities to check out for the longest (I mean, it is just a short flight above me), but for some reason I just never got up there. Thanks to Kit and Ace, I was able to get one fine view of Vancouver, and a new addiction to a brand.

Kit and Ace is a new line that just launched (which was the reason behind my trip), that specializes in technical luxury, and the softest cashmere-blends. Cashmere-blends that are machine washable, might I add. Score. Actually, if we want to keep things technical, the fabric they’re using is one they founded themselves called Qemir — a blend of cashmere, viscose and elastane — that feels ridiculously soft. So far, they just have casual tops/tees available but come November, a full line will follow. If it’s anything as amazing as their current pieces, I’m forever theirs!

Aside from soft-as-a-babies-bottom tees, and a cut that fits like a glove, their whole concept is pretty genius. Their stores have a pop-up shop feel, with a huge rectangular table designed for “client powwows and catered dinners”. Myself, and 8 other bloggers had the pleasure of being a part of one of these dinners, which was nothing short of amazing. Not just in the food and presentation aspect, but also in the conversations that ensued. The whole point of it was to provoke natural discussions, that gave our brains the extra little push to connect, create, and inspire one another. Also, their website and “Meet Kit” feature is equal parts snazzy and addicting.

Enjoy some footage of the über cool getaway…

*Photos courtesy of Ann from Andyheart