So I’ve been seeing this Kevin Murphy brand around the interwebs, and was intrigued. Partially, because I haven’t really seen many stores carry this line, and also because the packaging looked great. You can count on me for being a sucker for great branding and packaging! Not long after my curiosity began, I was asked to trial the line out and have been beyond obsessed.

The packaging was indeed beautiful when I received it, but the smell was what really won me over! Every product had a very pleasant scent, but it was the shampoo and conditioner to be exact, that smells divine! I can’t quite put into words what it smells like, but the best I could come up with is a candy-like scent that was refined and made elegant. I find myself constantly getting a whiff of my hair throughout the 1st and 2nd days, and just can’t get enough. The Anti Gravity Spray smells like pure lavender, which I also love

Aside from the wash and rinse, I am a huge fan of their dry shampoo. My hair gets greasy ridiculously fast, so I have to wash it every other day, but depending on weather conditions (aka if I’m sweating profusely), I wash it daily. Naturally, dry shampoos have become a major staple in my day-to-day because of this, but I also hate the feeling of buildup and dirty hair, which most dry shampoos seem to cause. Since I love the feeling of squeaky clean weightless hair, it’s been hard to find a product that works with my anal retentiveness. What a conundrum, I tell ya!!! This one actually felt pretty weightless, and did the job…I’d say it’s a keeper!

All in all, I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me because I find this line super-cool, but I feel like my hair has been styling better than usual. I’m having a good-hair-day, daily.

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Plumping Wash
Plumping Rinse
Smoothing Lotion
Anti Gravity Spray
Dry Shampoo
Thickening Lotion

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