I’ve stopped working out, I’ve stopped eating healthy, and my appetite has been as that of a caveman’s. You know what that means? The new year is the perfect time to fix this problem-o. I know, I know… every single time a new year begins, everyone decides they want to jump on the fitness bandwagon, and the amount of new gym memberships are at an all-time high. Some of us see these goals through, and the rest of us fizzle out like a day-old bottle of coke. Whether I’m going to fizzle out or pursue my fitness goals, we shall see, but I did decide to jumpstart my road to health with another juice cleanse.

I am currently doing the 3-day cleanse from Pressed Juicery again not only because they carry my favorite flavors, but because they’re having a $35 per-day sale (ends the 10th of January I believe). I figured this would be the most optimal time to conquer my health and fitness goals. If you followed my blog from the jump, then I’m sure you remember my journey on this 3-day cleanse, but for those of you who are new (welcome!), I’ve gone ahead and re-posted my review below!




It’s pre-party season, and you want to do a little pre-emptive detoxing, but you have a mile-long list of questions or concerns (don’t worry, so did I). A few weeks ago, I did some detoxing myself, with a 3-day cleanse, right before Thanksgiving. I don’t know if the push came from my constant binging on Flaming Hot Cheetos, Coke, and every pastry I ever laid eyes on, or the fact that I had gained some poundage yet had no motivation to bust a move in the athletic department. Either way, I knew I had to start somewhere, and this was just the kick-start I needed.

Everything old is new again, the idea of fasting (abstention of food) consuming only water or juice to rid the body of so-called toxins is not a recent discovery. Practically every major religion has some fasting and cleansing ritual that supposedly allows the body to heal, and regenerate.

Recently, in credit to celebrities, detoxes have gone mainstream – with “The Master Cleanse” being the most infamous and criticized of them all. Essentially sucking lemons, sugar, and cayenne pepper for 10 days sounds ridiculous, and unappetizing – especially in the dead of winter, it’s also no walk in the park for your liver since zero nutrients are ingested. Thankfully, cleansing has evolved into something saner, and healthier, with the rise of nut-milk components for fat and a little protein, and vegetable juices for vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Finally, options I could get on board with!

I decided to go with since I’m already a huge devotee of their juices and what they stand for. And by “what they stand for”, I really mean, their packaging, font, brick and mortars, and so on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m  big on aesthetics – sue me. Now to the real stuff – the experience…

Technically before you start a cleanse, you’re advised to do a pre-cleanse, meaning weaning off of heavy foods, and eating lighter – salads, fruits, lots of water, nuts, etc. It’s a huge aid in preparing you for those 3 days ahead and makes your cleanse less of a shock to your body.

Anyway, my juices were delivered at the crack of dawn, to my doorstep, in a sealed cooler complete with ice packs. All the bottles were numbered, which made this as easy-breezy as could be.

Day 1– All the juices were delicious and super-filling, I didn’t even finish my last bottle (which was Almond Milk) because I was THAT full. I was feeling pretty good the whole day, thinking “Hey! This isn’t so bad after all!” little did I know what the next day had in store for me…

Day 2– I woke up STARVING, craving a nice warm croissant with my coffee. I felt I had woken up in an igloo, in frigid conditions! Luckily once I drank my first juice, I was back to feeling normal again (and I use the word “normal”, loosely). About late afternoon/early evening, everything went downhill! I had a headache, major cravings ensued, and I was tempted by everyone around me to eat something, ANYTHING! As much as I kept trying to talk myself out of it, I cracked and CHEATED! I drove straight to In-N-Out!! Just kidding, I had a green apple, which I made a point to chew longer than usual – not only to savor it, but to make it easier on my digestive system. That night, I distracted myself with a tear-jerker in bed to let out some tears of frustration, and then dozed off early.

Day 3– I think my stomach and appetite shrunk, because this time I woke up feeling less hungry than “day 2” and much more energized. I was still an icicle, so bath-times were definitely scheduled, as were naps. I finally felt the feeling of a “system reboot” and was so pleased with what I saw in the mirror in regards to my skin, it was crystal clear. Not to mention, it was smooth sailing in the digestive region, which not give TMI, but on the regular is anything but.

I have to say, all in all, this was a roller-coaster of an experience, but one that I would definitely do again, perhaps just a 1-day cleanse several times a year (maybe even monthly). The juices are genuinely tasty, especially the “Greens”, and my personal favorite, “Citrus 2” (pineapple, mint, apple, lemon), seriously, tastes just like candy!! The only one I would say was my LEAST favorite, was the “Roots”. I’m just not the biggest fan of parsley and carrots in my drink, but that’s just my taste buds speaking. If you’re looking for your own “system reboot”, I’d highly recommend trying, and If you don’t think you’d be able to get through the 3-days, start with 1.

If you guys have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below, I answer them all!!

  • Anne

    I really wanna try this cleanse! I wish i lived in Cali