Chances are you have an Instagram account, and chances are, you’ve come across the work of makeup artist Ania Milczarczyk, also known as queen of highlight. This Australian beauty guru specializes in flawless/dewy/glowing makeup application, that I have yet to see any other makeup artist recreate (and with social media, we’ve seen pretty much every makeup artist’s work out there). It’s far from cakey, zero harsh lines, no crazy contouring…just a ridiculously beautiful face.

But the unsolved mystery here, is the fact that she refuses to share what products she uses to create this perfect glowing/dewy look! I can sort of understand that she doesn’t want others to either copy her, or get credit for her methods, but at the end of the day that’s inevitable. Can you really expect someone to not be allowed to recreate another persons hairstyle, for example? That’s crazy talk. I realize it’s her prerogative to not reveal the products she uses, but I also feel that if you’re using social media to gain popularity, blatantly ignoring the people who are making you popular, is just a tad rude.

Anyways, I still love her work, and I will be testing out as many highlighters as needed until I get to the bottom of this glow!

I will update you guys on my journey soon enough, but here are some images to appreciate her talented hands:

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  • Curious what products she uses as well. Have you ever tried the ‘What’s up’ Highlighter from Benefit? It gives you that natural glow. + I think it starts with prepping your face and the right steps to get to that natural look. (My routine: 1. Moisterizer, then wait for 5 min. 2. Primer, then wait for another 5 min. 3. Foundation, then wait another 2 min. 4. Concealer for under the eyes, nose bridge, underneath eyebrows, chin, forhead, not too much. 5. Bronzer (from Benefit as well Hoolahoop). 6. Powder to set everything. 7. Highlighter and then Blush. I feel like the waiting in the beginning, what kind of bronzer and highlighter you use makes the difference. + when you only apply blush without the bronzef it just looks odd. I apply most of the products with my hand. But you probably know al lot of these steps already. Have a lovely day! (insta @cyliaherbertson)