The key to my heart is fresh flowers. Not diamonds, not handbags, not food (close though). Nothing instantly cheers me up as much as flowers do – whether I’m buying them myself and arranging them the way that I like, or surprised by a special someone – they are my weakness. Luckily, I have a guy who loves flowers just as much as I do, so you can say I’m in a good mood often! Ha

But on a serious note, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you or someone you know is planning on sending some fresh flowers to a loved one (doesn’t have to be a love interest), I recommend this awesome website by the name of The concept is similar to that of Etsy, where you can browse a ton of different florists in your area. Each account has a bunch of photos showcasing their work so you can see exactly what you’d want, and then place your order right on there. Easy, breezy.

Use the code: research paper on graphology for 10% off of your order. Offer ends February 14th 2015.