http://oldfashionedliving.com/ read more ap us history essay civil rights http://www.verbandsbeschwerde.ch/ FEN_0320 AA2X1051 B034_ITA_4084 FEN_0598 AA2X0341 FEN_0298 FEN_0654 AA2X0366 FEN_0530 FEN_0684I don’t know what’s gotten into Karl lately, but Fendi has been blowing me away with each new collection in recent years. They’ve done a complete makeover to the house, and I’m loving it.

For Spring 2015, Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, went with a “rainy day” color palette – an array of moody grays, and pale blues. This “rainy day” vibe came from the view of the sky from their newly acquired Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. Considered one of the finest representations of fascist architecture in Italy (built under Mussolini), this monumental piece of real estate, will be the official headquarters of Fendi, starting in January. Architectural references of their new headquarters were interjected into some of the designs along with the runway itself.

Lots of feathers, skins, and furs were sauntering down the catwalk with a youthful optical-illusion-twist to them. Even denim made an appearance, which is a first for Fendi. My personal favorite were the accessories. The mini “peekaboo” bags that were wrapped around the wrist (NEED; I love a tiny bag), and the strappy gladiator-esque heels.