There are SO many damn products out there, a girl can get overwhelmed, let me tell ya! Going into any store that has beauty goods is like going into a candy store. Your eyes are all over the place, and you want to try it all. But of all the products I’ve tried, only a very tiny amount actually stick. My reasoning is that my skin is crazy sensitive and I break out from any little thing, so the items that don’t break me out, are rare and hard to find.

Not too long ago, I was sent MUF’s HD foundations, and so when I ran out of my normal foundation, I decided to try theirs. Boy was that a mistake! It is just way too heavy for an everyday foundation. Clogged all my shit up!!! My forehead looked like bubble wrap. After a lot of facial scrubs, clay masks, steam showers, my skin is pretty much back to normal. Thank the lord!

Anyway, I saw a ton of amazing reviews about Sunday Riley’s “Good Genes”, and I watched some videos that explained in depth how the product works, which had me very intrigued. But my intrigue was put on the back burner, as I was skeptical and scared to try anything new. I did NOT want that bubble-wrap-face back. After some time passed, I came across more and more people who’ve used it, and were raving about it (including acne-prone ladies), and so I said f#!*k it, let me try this. So so sooooo glad I bought this! My skin is looking better each and every day that I use good genes. It works instantly, but also long-term, so you’re not disappointed after the initial glow subsides. I seriously recommend it to every single human!

Now onto hair…I purchased a tiny travel-sized “hair repair” by Sachajuan from Anthropologie a while back. A total random purchase. Never heard of the brand, didn’t read a single review…just an on-a-whim buy. Tried it. LOVED it! It gives me amazing blow outs at home and the line smells incredible. It’s supposed to penetrate your scalp and regenerate cell growth so you have to leave it on for a bit before washing off. I’ve bought more of their line because of that hair repair, and I really love it.

I’ve lately been super into lip balms. Not a big lipstick fan, and gloss just isn’t chic. When have you seen a fashion editor wear lip gloss? That’s right…never. Anyway, I’m obsessing over Olio Lusso’s Rodin balm because it smells like jasmine and that’s one of my favorite smells. Except it’s not a sweet/fake smelling version of jasmine…it’s the real deal, as if you’re walking by a jasmine bush in nature. The only downside is having to use your finger to apply, but it’s worth how soft and pretty your lips look. If you like some color on your lips, Becca has the best lip tints that are gorgeous without looking like you have makeup on. My favorite is their watermelon one.

And lastly, nothing beats a perfect red nail. Chanel’s Pirate is my favorite red…not too orange, not too purple…it’s just right.



Hair Repair by Sachajuan
Good Genes by Sunday Riley
Rodin Lip Balm by Olio Lusso
Chanel Le Vernis in Pirate
Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon