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So a lot has happened this year, and the year isn’t even over. The biggest “happening” was my engagement!!! I must say, I knew that it would one day happen, but I really didn’t know when or with who. The dating scene here in Los Angeles, isn’t the most ideal. Lots of non-longterm prospects were all over the place, but when I met my fiancé, the saying “when you know, you know” was dead-on-balls-accurate (“My Cousin Vinny” reference). And then, before I knew it, less than a year into the relationship, I was an engaged woman. I’m happy to say that I have found my best friend for life!

We celebrated our engagement in Europe last month, and it was an amazing trip to say the least. The only downfall (there’s always one thing that goes wrong, right?), was that I lost my phone and it wasn’t backed up!!!! All those selfies….GONE! All those screenshots…GONE! Haha, no but really, it was slightly annoying. Like, what kind of an idiot doesn’t back up their phone, right? I practically deserved it.

Anyhow, we started off the trip in Venice. Venice is so stunning, and incredible in the mere fact that it’s the only functioning city in the 21st century without any cars or trucks. The maze-like canals, and architecture are really true works of art, pictures don’t do it justice. After a few days of eating, boating, and exploring, we rented a car and drove down to Florence. We made a stop in Bologna on the way, and had a carb-filled lunch, obviously, and checked out their Eataly. Side-note, the one in New York is way better.

When we got to Florence, I immediately fell in love. Our hotel (Lungarno Collection) was right on the Arno River overlooking Ponte Vecchio, and we had a 2-story room which felt like a little houseboat. SUCH a cute hotel! We did the typical tourist activities – a ton of walking, shopping, eating, and sightseeing. I think we may have lost some serious lbs on this trip, between the sweating from the heat, and walking. Can we talk about the gelato mania in Italy??? When I say mania, I mean it. On every damn corner there were herds of tourists licking away vigorously at their gelato in-hand. It’s like it was the last one they’ll ever have in life. The best part is of course the food, you literally can’t go wrong with any restaurant, even their worst restaurant is like our best Italian restaurant. If you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about.

After Florence, we flew to Mykonos to meet up with friends and to party, which was a nice change to our solo romantic extravaganza. We rented a yacht one of the days, and sailed to different beaches which was incredible! Some great beaches and day parties to check out, if you’re there are: Panormos, Scorpios, Buddha Bar, and of course Nammos. You may have seen Nammos in A LOT of instagram photos, and although it’s fun, it’s a bit of a shitshow. You know you’re at a shitshow when you see people lugging their Birkins to a beach. I mean, really? What part about a BEACH party was not clear? My favorite spot, was Scorpios – you see a lot of familiar faces (like VS supermodels), minus all that tacky in-your-face gaudiness.

Writing about this trip makes me wish I was back on vacation…brb while I go and daydream.