As you’ve probably noticed, the 70’s are officially back, and have been back. With this era comes, flares, bell sleeves, platforms/clogs, chokers, lots of suede, tassels, and of course this 3/4 length hybrid of skirt meets pant.

I have to be honest, when culottes first arrived back on the scene, I wasn’t such a fan. Not because I thought they were hideous, but mainly because I felt it required a little too much effort to make them look flattering. Girls in the fashion industry could easily pull them off, but for a regular girl like me? Eh..seemed too complicated. Also, I like to dress for myself BUT still appeal to men, and culottes seemed like the opposite…more of a repellant, really.

I’m happy to say that I’ve come around, and I actually love them. They’re BEYOND comfortable, and I always get compliments from both men and women when I wear them. It’s funny how when you truly don’t care, and aren’t trying to be “hot/sexy”, you actually become more appealing.

The ones in my photo are from Zara, but there are a ton of cute ones out now. Scroll below for some of my favorites along with my outfit details.


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Culottes from Zara personal essay and research paper differences
Straw hat from Forever21


  • White isn’t the easiest colour to wear but investing in a pair of these is a fail-safe way to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Whereas tight jeans in the shade are a little brash and dresses can appear too bridal, culottes get the look just right.