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I have a candle obsession, and not of the Yankee candle variety. Back in the day, it was way more difficult to find complex-scented wax. But vanilla beam or pumpkin spice? That was harder to avoid than the plague (I’m sorry if you enjoy those scents). Only luxury brands specializing in home fragrance used to carry refined scents, and pretty much only a certain bracket enjoyed them. That was up until french houses such as Le Labo and Dyptique blew up, and the rest is history. Now, these two brands are only small segments of a vast market of luxury-grade candles. In defense of the $100 candle, there is a huge difference when it is lit. The pricier candles create an actual ambiance in your home, or wherever you may light it, whilst the cheap $10 candle in say bluberry muffin scent, is so strong, it feels like you’re in an airport bathroom.

Also, not only is the scent on a different level, but so is the container. You can always reuse the luxe containers as vases, makeup brush holders, pen/pencil cups, etc.

Now, although I love myself a good pricey candle, it doesn’t mean I discriminate against more cost-effective options here and there. For example, I love Chateau Marmont, and if you’ve been there, you might have noticed that their bathrooms have the most amazing scent permeating the air. I googled “Chateau Marmont” candle online, and I found that they sell their own candles. They retail for $50. Not horribly priced, but also not as cheap as I would like since I was going to be buying a bunch at once. I noticed that they are made by the brand Aquiesse, but obviously for branding purposes, the name was changed. After a bit of a hunt, I had figured it out! It turned out to be Mandarin Tea, and the price is $36. I am obsessed! It has become our “home scent”.

Speaking of cheaper scents, another one I just recently stumbled upon and have been lighting EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT, is a candle from CB2 called Teakwood and Tobacco…It’s ahhhhh-mazing! My nose tends to gravitate towards masculine or clean scents, because sweet ones give me a headache. Check out my favorites below, and see if one of these will soon become a favorite of yours!

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  4. Aquiesse- Mandarin Tea
  5. Maison Margiela- Beach Walk 
  6. Maison Louis Marie- No.09
  7. Coqui Coqui- Orange Blossom
  8. Tom Daxon- Under Milk Wood
  9. DIPTYQUE- Mimosa
  10. D.L. & CO.- Angel’s Trumpet