BREEZY switch moods like nobody’s business. Sometimes I’m in a bare-faced-casual-mood, other days, I’m into wearing all black the NY-way, and on rare occasions I love soft pastels that make me feel prepubescent. I think I just like a change of scenery/vibe from time to time, and my selection of a certain color palette can be the best way to achieve that. Once in a while you steer away from your norm, and it feels like a mini facelift.

As you can see, I’m wearing lights from head-to-toe, and my bag is like an easter candy bowl. This bag is certainly outside of my usual self, but it’s just too cute to say “no” to. Everywhere it goes, everyone wants to hold it and touch it as if it were a newborn baby. I can relate.

I actually wore this outfit to my soon-to-be-niece’s bat-mitzvah, and I was on the hunt for some fresh light colors to wear since it’s spring and such a joyous occasion. I ordered this dress and the lace spaghetti strap dress by self-portrait to choose from, and this one was the winner right away. The self-portrait dresses are only available now in pastel colors, and for some reason they just don’t look that great on a grown woman in those shades. I felt it wasn’t age appropriate in easter egg blue. The Bianca Spender dress on the other hand, was elegant and pulled together with a little sexiness in the back to give it some oomph.


Dress by
Shoes by Aquazzura
Bag by Fendi