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Every year, every summer, I always say I’m going to start working out vigorously to get ready for the next bikini season. And, every time summer rolls around…guess where I’m at? Exactly where I was when I started the conversation. I have come to terms with the fact that I have never been, and still am not, an athletic individual. I have to be in a “mood” to workout. Sometimes that mood lasts for 4 months, and other times it lasts only 20 min after scrolling through Instagram body inspo accounts.

I don’t want to sound like a delusional nut who thinks she’s overweight, when she’s actually a stick. I know I’m naturally thin, and I am grateful for having a body that I don’t have to work out endlessly to keep, but I do wan’t to be tight & toned. And that, I do not have naturally. Also, I’m prone to midsection weight gain. My legs never gain weight (thanks dad for giving me your stems), so whenever I do gain weight, I end up looking top heavy and disproportional. So, with that said, hitting the gym wouldn’t hurt…wouldn’t hurt at all. Also, I’d love to walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing.

But fit or not, it doesn’t stop me from still hitting the beach or the pool. A girls gotta swim and get her tan on. A “bikini body” will not stand in my way. And when I do hit the beach or the pool, I still need a swimsuit, right? If your ‘kini is cute, what else matters?

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  • Lina

    Haha you’re funny. I hate working out too…it’s such a chore!