I’ve been wanting to write up a post about my latest beauty product purchases, but I’ve held off for a while just to properly test and review them first. There are some products I left out, leaving only the ones I absolutely loved and some that I can’t live without. Here’s what I’m loving:

So I have to do some raving about this little guy – the Brow Wiz by Anastasia. I’ve been using this pencil since the summer, and I honestly will never use another product unless they happen to discontinue this one. I have recommended this genius tool to ALL of my friends (who wear makeup)…yes it’s that good. Firstly, you don’t need to sharpen the tip because it’s retractable. Secondly, you don’t need to carry a spooly, because it’s on the other end. The trick with this pencil is to do light strokes, and then blend out with the spooly. If you don’t blend, it will look like a bunch of chicken scratches on your brows. For some, it may take some getting used to, but once you get it right, you’ll never look back, I swear. For the longest time, I filled in my brows with the best liner brush from MUD (super compact/hard brush) and eyeshadow, but ever since trying this brow wiz, my brows look super natural, and less harsh.

Oh Tom Ford and your expensive (but totally worth it) line of goods – I love and hate you. All his clothing, fragrance, and beauty products are always such high grade…the man knows a thing or two about quality. The prices may be steep, but you really are getting the most bang for your buck – especially with his lipsticks and eyeshadows. Their pigmentation is not only super strong, but also come in the loveliest colors. I purchased a brown shadow palette and the shades glide on like butter, and really stay put (without shadow primer).

Bobbi Brown has great everyday matte shades with her blushes and bronzers, so her line is my go-to when I’m looking for daytime or natural-looking makeup. It’s nice to have an array of blush colors for different seasons or occasions, but I’ve come to learn, that the most flatterring and versatile blush color (for every skin color) is a dusty rose shade. Finding this color in a matte is harder than one would think! I tried this blush years ago from my best friend, and have been hooked ever since. The shade is called Sand Pink and it’s on the cooler end of the spectrum.

I’m a newbie to Hourglass cosmetics even though they’ve been around since 2004, but I really wanted to try their lip treatment! The sleek packaging might have been the only reason I tried it, but I have to say, the products lived up to their aesthetic appearance. The lip treatment oil is pretty thick, but I loved that because it actually stays on and you can feel it penetrating throughout the day versus a light product that would’ve washed away in 5 minutes. It also has a luxurious scent that isn’t overbearing. It’s supposed to smooth out lines/wrinkles, soften chapped lips, while also plumping them. I use this at night before bed, so that I don’t layer anything on top of it, to get the most out of this treatment. I also picked up a nude lipstick from the line which I love. I think it looks best when applied over a darker shade.

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My latest purchase that I haven’t been using for long is Tarte’s Colored Clay Under-eye Corrector. I randomly stumbled upon it at ULTA, and after trying both shades out, I instantly became obsessed. Either the mirror was lying to me, or it really worked in covering up my dark circles, but I was in shock. I purchased it in medium/tan. It’s slightly on the salmon-color side which really cancels out purple/blue shades while also being nice and thick, so this is a winning combo when trying to conceal! When using products to conceal problems, using a brush or sponge is much better versus fingers only because the fingers tend to wipe away the formula.

I’ve never tried Givenchy’s lipsticks before, but I was in the market for a brown lipstick, and liked how the color looked with my skin tone. It’s a pretty brown that’s not too light, but also isn’t dark. The formula is a nice balance between dry and creamy without drying out the lips. I love Chanel’s lipsticks but for some reason, my lips don’t get along with their formulas – they get super dry and chapped – so this is a nice change. The leather casing is also a chic plus. I love to layer a brown gloss on top from Chanel (surprise, surprise I know) in shade 51 which I posted a while back.


Lookout for my post about my favorite skincare products soon!

1. BROW WIZ BY ANASTASIA (my shade is Dark Brown)
2. TOM FORD EYESHADOW QUAD (in cognac sable)
4. HOURGLASS LIP STYLO (in nude no.2)
5. BOBBI BROWN BLUSH (in sand pink)
6. TART COLORED CLAY CC (in medium/tan)7. GIVENCHY LE ROUGE LIPSTICK (in 101 beige mousseline)