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George Costanza and his thoughts on velvet, are hitting true. I couldn’t have said it better myself. In case you haven’t heard from a gazillion different outlets, this coming fall, draping yourself in VELVET IS socially acceptable! When I was in Rome last year, I bought some velvet ballet flats from Chanel (which, btw, never came […]

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  You know, when I was younger, I hated the color red. It was just way too strong of a color for my  “hermit crab” personality. When you wear red, you’re making a statement, and a big one at that. There’s no way to “blending in” with the crowd in this color. A color not […]


I love a good round sunny. Gucci and Chloe have had really cute ones out for some time now, but these classic Ray-Bans, are my jam. They’re equal parts timeless and casual, making them a true iconic shade. I’ve had friends that have worn them for years regardless if round sunglasses were a trend or not, and […]


I switch moods like nobody’s business. Sometimes I’m in a bare-faced-casual-mood, other days, I’m into wearing all black the NY-way, and on rare occasions I love soft pastels that make me feel prepubescent. I think I just like a change of scenery/vibe from time to time, and my selection of a certain color palette can […]


I’m sure you’ve all seen a ton of press for this new line of haircare products by celebrity hairstylist (Jen Atkin) called OUAI (pronounced “way”). Between the name, the packaging, and the owner’s fame, one would imagine that this line is bomb-dot-com. At least I sure did; I was sold without even trying a single […]


Just when you thought your legs were the only ones invited to the bell party, the arms bombarded the entire event. Bell sleeves are having a major moment, and rightfully so. They freshen up an outfit like nobody’s business and definitely make a statement. Personally, I love the larger bell sleeves, but if that’s too […]


  Every year, every summer, I always say I’m going to start working out vigorously to get ready for the next bikini season. And, every time summer rolls around…guess where I’m at? Exactly where I was when I started the conversation. I have come to terms with the fact that I have never been, and still am […]


In L.A. — a city whose casual style is often derided by the rest of the country — we dress whichever way we want, and the majority definitely embrace their inner bohemian child. With felt hats, flower-printed billowy dresses, suede booties, braids, and jean cutoffs, I think it’s safe to say, that we are almost always […]


I know it’s been a while since I got engaged, but I have been getting a lot of questions about the actual proposal, the ring, and just more details in general, so I figured, why not share? A little background about my fiancé and I…we met online — on Tinder to be exact. Everyone is […]


Let’s talk about the half & half trend. Not to be confused with the dairy product, but instead, the hairstyle that is half up, and half down. It’s quickly becoming “all the rage” with the “cool girls” these days, and I’m kinda diggin’ it. It reminds me of the ’90s summer camp days, but the […]